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2014 Legislative Session: Sine Die

Last week, we passed the final day of the 2014 Legislative Session, otherwise known as Sine Die.  Sine Die is the last day for legislators to vote on bills that are up for Final Reading.  Bills that make it through Sine Die are sent to the Governor for his approval or veto.

This year, employment-related bills that made it past the Sine Die deadline include:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Payment of Wages via Direct Deposit and Pay Cards
  • Temporary Disability Insurance
  • Leave of Absence of Certain Donors
  • Workers’ Compensation Prescription Drugs
  • Healthcare Issues
  • Private Guards
  • And others…

As I’ve noted in the “Running Updates” post here, the HEC Legislative Digest following Sine Die is now available for viewing on the Legislative Updates section of the HEC Website.   In addition, HEC members can also access a Highlights article that discusses several of these key measures in more depth.