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CK GY Fair Labor Standards Act | HAWAII LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW

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Fair Labor Standards Act
Two New Workplace Poster Requirements

In case you missed it, as of August 1, 2016, there are two new (or more accurately, revised) posters that employers must post in the workplace.


First, every employer who has employees that are subject to the FLSA (that’s most of you) must post a revised version of the FLSA poster in the workplace.  The poster must be posted in a conspicuous place as to permit employees to readily read it.  Four versions of the new poster can be obtained on the DOL’s website:

Second, employers who are covered by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (that’s also most of you) must also post a revised version of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act poster in the workplace.  This poster must also be posted in a prominent and concpicuosu lace in every establishment of the employer where it can be readily observed yb employees and applicants for employment.  There are two versions of this poster available:

These new posting requirements are the result of an increase in fines under the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015.  

FAQ: Hepatitis A and the Workplace

Hawaii is currently experiencing a major outbreak of Hepatitis A.  At last count, nearly 140 individuals in Hawaii have been infected with the Hepatitis A virus (“HAV”).   As a result, many Hawaii employers are left with a myriad of questions about the rights of employers and employees with regards to HAV in the workplace.

Many People Thinking of Questions

Examples of questions raised by employers regarding Hepatitis A include the following:

  • What is Hepatitis A?
  • How long is a person with Hepatitis A contagious?
  • Who should get tested for Hepatitis A?
  • Is there a vaccine that can prevent Hepatitis A infection?

In addition, workplace-specific questions have included the following:

  • Does the Department of Health (“DOH”) require employees in certain fields of work, such as food service or healthcare, to obtain Hepatitis A vaccinations prior to working?
  • How does a food service employer know if an employee has been found to have been infected with Hepatitis A?
  • How does a food service employer know which employees are a “contact” that needs to obtain a negative IgM test before resuming work?
  • Can an employer require employees to get vaccinated?  If so, can the employer limit this requirement only to certain job classifications?
  • Is the employer required to pay for Hepatitis A vaccinations?
  • Is time spent getting a Hepatitis A vaccination compensable under wage and hour laws?
  • Is there anything else an employer can do to help prevent the spread of Hepatitis A?
  • If an employee informs his employer that he has tested positive for Hepatitis A, what if anything can the employer tell its employees?
  • If an employee informs his employer that he has consumed food from a business that has an infected employee, what can the employer do?
  • Where can I read more information about Hepatitis A?

In response to the multitude of questions that employers have been asking the past few weeks, the Hawaii Employers Council (“HEC”) has prepared a FAQ on HAV and the workplace.  The FAQ can be accessed on HEC’s website here:  HEC Issues FAQ for Hepatitis A and Workplace Issues.

For any questions that have not been answered in the FAQ, please feel free to contact me

Hawaii Minimum Wage Now $8.50 Per Hour

Happy New Years everybody and welcome back to work!  This is just a quick reminder that the Hawaii minimum wage increased by 75 cents on January 1, 2016, which makes the new minimum wage in Hawaii $8.50 per hour.  The tip credit is still just 75 cents per hour (assuming the tipped employee earns at least $7.00 per hour in tipped income and wages).

Minimum+wage+increase.mgn (1)

In addition, the minimum wage is also scheduled to increase twice more in the next two years.  Beginning January 1, 2017, the minimum wage will be $9.25 per hour and on January 1, 2018 it will increase to $10.10 per hour.

For further discussion on the Hawaii minimum wage or tip credit, you can read a helpful guide issued by the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations back in 2014:  DLIR Wage and Hour Notice.

2014 Legislative Session: Running Updates

Each year, the Hawaii Employers Council provides its members with updates on labor and employment law bills that are being addressed by the legislature. One of those documents, the Legislative Digest, is actually currently available to the general public, and can be accessed here:  HEC Legislative Updates.

Bills that are still alive as of the Second Lateral deadline address (1) the minimum wage, (2) payment of wages via direct deposit and pay cards, and (3) workers’ compensation drugs, fee schedule and settlements.

For the 2014 Legislative Session, the Legislative Digest is available for the following key deadlines:

  • Bills Introduced (available)
  • First Lateral (available)
  • First Crossover (available)
  • Second Lateral (available)
  • Second Crossover (available)
  • Sine Die  (available)
  • Veto Deadline (available)

As more deadlines pass, I will update this blog entry to indicate when the most recent Legislative Digest is available.

Other updates, such as articles providing a detailed explanation of several of the significant measures and talking points on certain bills, however, are available only to HEC members.

2014 Legislative Forecast

The 2014 Legislative Session begins on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 and runs through May 1, 2014.  This year, the legislature will likely address several labor and employment law bills that could have a significant impact on companies doing business in Hawaii.  Some of those bills include those affecting the following areas of law:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Prevailing Wage Violations for Public Works Projects
  • Successor Employers and Employee Retention
  • Paycheck Withholding Requirements
  • Independent Medical Examinations for WC Cases
  • Social Media Privacy
  • Meal Breaks
  • Sick and Safe Leave
  • Organ Donor Leave
  • Family School Leave
  • Discrimination Against Unemployed Individuals
  • GET Increase

I recently conducted a webinar for HEC members discussing each of these bills and what they could mean for employers. During the webinar, I (a) discussed the proposed changes or additions to Hawaii’s laws and (b) shared my thoughts on the impact that each of these proposed bills could have on companies doing business in Hawaii.  (HEC members can contact me for a copy of the handouts.)

In addition, I was also recently interviewed by the Pacific Business News (“PBN”) on some of the bills we anticipate will be heard during the 2014 legislative session, and their write-up ended up being the cover story for today’s edition of the PBN.  In addition to discussing employment law bills, the PBN article also discussed bills related to other issues affecting Hawaii employers.  PBN subscribers can access the article here:  Major Business Issues Facing the State Legislature in 2014.

On a final note:  To anybody who goes to the Capitol during session, if you see me there (and I will be there often), please feel free to say “Hi.”  Oh, and Happy New Year everybody!