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Leadership Assignments at the Capitol Mostly Still the Same

The election cycle is finally over and the nation’s politicians are starting to prepare for the next round of lawmaking.  At the local level, the Hawaii State Senate and House of Representatives recently announced their leadership structure for the upcoming legislative session.


The Senate reaffirmed Ron Kouchi as Senate President and the House retained Joe Souki as Speaker.  Other leadership posts in both chambers will remain mostly the same:

For the Senate:

President:  Ron Kouchi
Vice President:  Michelle Kidani (former Education Chair)
Majority Floor Leader:  Will Espero (former Vice President)
Majority Leader:  Kalani English
Majority Caucus Leader:  Brickwood Galuteria
Majority Whip:  Donovan Dela Cruz

Ways and Means Chair:  Jill Tokuda
Commerce and Consumer Protection:  Roz Baker
Judiciary and Labor:  Gil Keith-Agaran
Human Services Commitee:  Josh Green (former Majority Floor Leader/Whip)

(Other Senate committee chairs have not yet been finalized.)

For the House of Representatives:

Speaker:  Joe Souki
Vice Speaker:  John Mizuno
Majority Leader:  Scott Saiki
Majority Floor Leader:  Cindy Evans
Majority Whip:  Ken Ito
Assistant Majority Leaders:  Roy Takumi, Chris Lee and Dee Morikawa
Majority Policy Leader (new position):  Marcus Oshiro
Speaker Emeritus:  Calvin Say

(No House committee chairs have been announced.)